My Career

“Working for Estée Lauder companies is my dream job! I get to dress up every day and wear fabulous Make Up and Fragrance.”

- Jo Briggs, Estée Lauder Account Executive Working at ELC

“At ELC we work in an extremely inspiring and creative environment which makes it fun and exciting place to work, not to mention the incredibly beautiful products and people we get to work with every day.”

- Karla Van Dorsten, Estée Lauder Companies Creative Services Manager Working at ELC

“Estée Lauder Companies has wonderful company culture of caring for its people which is unique and compelling. The company’s commitment to product and service innovation makes each day rewarding and exciting.”

- Tracey Pedersen, Clinique Education Manager Working at ELC

“I feel inspired everyday working at ELC. It is a positive, fun, friendly and supportive environment, where balance and values are important. It is continually demonstrated that ELC cares about all employees, and we get to work in a beautiful environment with beautiful products.”

- Alana Munro, Estée Lauder Companies Business Manager Working at ELC

“I love that ELC is a company that encourages creative thinking and embraces innovation. This culture of ELC drives ambition, cultivating a positive and energised environment for employees to thrive.”

- Caitlin Lomas, M.A.C Manger of Retail Operations Working at ELC

Career Pathways

A career with Estée Lauder Companies – where will it take you?

The answer to this question is only limited by your imagination, passion, motivation, and will to succeed.  Estee Lauder Companies can take you to numerous locations and on different career journeys than first expected or hoped.  We have several departments, functions, levels of management that it is feasible to have a varied journey.  Careers can transcend to different countries.

Retail to Head Office Pathways...

Making the jump from Retail to our Head Office or Field team is a common occurrence; we have many examples of employees who in the past and present have been groomed for that next level of management. Retail to Head Office Pathways Button

Retail Specialist Pathways...

We believe that retail employment with Estée Lauder Companies is not just a job, but a smart career move. A “Career In Retail” can take you many places, both on a domestic and international level. We have fantastic loyal employees who love working with the company and have been dedicated passionate team members for many years. Retail Specialist Pathways Button

Head Office Pathways...

On a global scale Estée Lauder Companies can boast of our employee’s long tenure. We believe this is due to our companies’ ability to constantly challenge peoples capabilities, providing them with the chance to progress their careers cross functionally as well as in an upward direction. Drive, determination and skill can take you many destinations in our company. Head Office Pathways Button